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The eco project essential oil diffuser is an elegant, small and user-friendly diffuser that delivers health-promoting benefits to your family and home.

It has a relaxing mist and multi coloured LED light that you can set to the mood of any occasion. 


The Diffuser has three timed settings—1, 3, and 6 hours—allowing you to customise the release of essential oils into the air. This convenient diffuser is stable, light, and easy to use—perfect for home or office use.


This high quality, affordable essential oil diffuser is perfect for all essential oil users who want a reliable, easy to use essential oil diffuser 

Essential Oil Diffuser

  • Volume  300ml
    mist control:

    30 secs


    Time mode: 1H/3H/6H/ON
    Dimensions: 16.9cm x 9.5cm 
    Ultrasonic frequency 2.4 MHz
    power rate: 14W
    LED colour:

    red, blue, white, green,

    purple, yellow, orange

    Power supply: 

          Ac adaptor

    input: AC100~240v 50/60Hz

    Output: 24V 650mA